Empathy as an asset

The asset manager Achmea Investment Management serves both pension funds and institutional and private investors. All these customers expect a real return on their investment. To ensure this, COO Robil Gergin focused on the operational domain to lay a foundation for growth.

Since 2010, Schuberg Philis has been responsible for the IT landscape around Achmea Investment Management's core application, SimCorp Dimension. This is an end-to-end system for investment administration. In the last year of the previous contract, there was a change of personnel at both Achmea IM and Schuberg Philis. With different colleagues, they renewed their commitment. Toward the end of 2017, Robil became COO of Achmea IM, after a career at Rabobank. He implemented a significant transformation in the operational domain. The internal organization was expected to serve customers better, at lower cost, and so help to achieve the desired returns, while laying a foundation for growth.

"What matters is how it's resolved."

Robil Gergin

Empathy as an asset

"Schuberg Philis delivers reliability and predictability, so it's an crucial element in our ambitions," says Robil. It was decided to extend the partnership for four years. This offers space for investment in a new, high-tech, cost-efficient IT ecosystem. "The promised performance and scalability also entails having the empathy to understand one another's worlds," according to the COO. "So when there's a question or an incident, a clinical or technical approach won't cut it. What matters is how it's resolved. I also expect solutions that match our ambitions and who we are, as well as clarity about the implications. There's a real added value in discussing things together regularly. Above all, we must continue to do that."

Prove our value

Customer Director Sven Hazejager is new in the team. "Over recent years we've become well-practiced partners for one another, and there's a lot of personal involvement. You might say it's logical that this results in a new commitment, but I don't think it's self-evident. In the years ahead we'll have to prove our value again, day by day."

Front line

Mission Critical Engineer Alexander Zoutenbier talks with pride about the role of Schuberg Philis in Achmea IM's customer acquisition: "One day, a potential Achmea IM customer visited them, and we were there. During a guided tour we showed them how we manage the complete landscape, using our Live Dashboard. This is how we give Achmea IM active front-line support." Robil: "The customer gains confidence from seeing that our systems are hosted with an organization that knows what it's talking about. The name Schuberg Philis is a guarantee of quality."

Robil Gergin
COO of Achmea IM
Alexander Zoutenbier
Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis
Sven Hazejager
Customer Director at Schuberg Philis